Get Racing in Scotland

Do you want to start racing?

Then perhaps you could follow my example and begin with an everyday run-about car.

Vauxhall Nova racing in Scotland

I started racing in a standard Vauxhall Nova. The car started life as a 1.2L but with a 1.6 8v GTE engine in it. This gave enough power to get racing.

With a bucket seat, race harness, roll cage, cheap tyres and lower and stiffer suspension - away I went!

Vauxhall Corsa Parts For Sale

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Reid Racing & Championship Updates

After numerous years of racing and most of them highly successful, I have taken 2009 & 2010 as "years out" to focus on a new car.

As with all good plans, the new car hasn't moved along as quickly as I would have liked. I have the shell and it is now bare awaiting a rollcage, seam welding, painting and all the other bits.

2007 & 2008 were good years for me, the Vauxhall Nova performed well and at one point I had the class records for both Boyndie tracks, both Golpsie tracks, both Kames tracks and the most memorable one - the Forrestburn hillclimb class record.

On the way to class win at Alford Towards the end of 2008 the new 1796cc engine was finished, code named R18XE.

It is effectively a C16XE/X16XE with a X18XE1 crank, customised oil pump, custom made forged pistons, custom design Newman Cams and all the usual SBD parts to make it go.

It spent two days on the dyno at Bill Falconer Engineering and ended up producing 210bhp and 154lbft - a good end result.

Please check the photo section, I've uploaded quite a few pictures of the car in it's various developments and some pictures of engine modifications I've made along the way.

SBD Engine For Sale

SOLD SBD spec 1639cc Vauxhall Corsa C16XE/X16XE race engine.

This engine powered me to many A2 class records around Scotland, it was faultless and no expense was spared to build or maintain the engine.

With the 1796cc engine now working, I need to sell this engine to pay for the new car that I am building.

Vauxhall Corsa GSi SBD Engine for sale

It is a great engine, producing 191.8bhp and 131.2lbft on a Dastek rolling road - without it being fully mapped!

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