Nova Build & Photos of Scottish Events

Please take the time to look through the numerous photos - from the car in it's original state, to being prepared, through to further after thought modifications. I'll also include further details on the right where suitable.

I've also included photos of me driving at events and I'll keep adding to these as time goes on, so please keep returning.

Captioned Build Photos Uncaptioned Car Photos

Car Preparation

Safety Devices Roll Cage

Leda / Spax Suspension

SBD Engine

Quaife Gearbox

Sparco Interior
Roll cage fitting and more

Front End repaint

Some interior modifications

Shell Modifications and Engine

Engine and Lightweight Alternator

Quaife F13 SCCR Gearbox Build

Photos You've Taken

I'm looking to create an online gallery and would like to hear from anyone who has taken photos of me and the car at the various tracks.

Please send me an email at and I'll post up any pictures you send and credit you at the bottom.

Racing Videos

I'm also looking for any video snippets that you have of me driving.

Video of the car at Kames on the 20th May 06. Please click the image to play.

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