Safety Devices Roll Cage Photos

Safety Devices RB022 cage Front roll cage leg and door bar Front windscreen roll bar
Safety Devices RB022 rear hoop being painted white
NS front leg fitted in car with multi point fittings to B pillar and door bar
Front top windscreen roll bar fits to front legs and also bolted to roof
Rear cage with additional bar Front leg and door bar bolted to sill Front triangualtion onto suspension top mount
Rear cage with additional 32mm cold drawn steel bar welded on
Front roll cage leg bolted to sill and door bar bolting point
Front triangulation coming through bulkhead and bolting to top mount
NSF triangulation points Roll cage fitted and protected Rear cage having additional bar fitted for race harnesses
Image showing the NSF triangulation and inner sill bolt point
Roll cage fully fitted and drivers head area protected with fireproof padding
Additional rear bar being fitted so harnesses can attach to it


Roll Cage Specification

I bought this roll cage secondhand and it cost approx. half retail price. It's a fully FIA approved Safety Devices Multi-point bolt in cage.

An additional bar has been welded across the rear spans (the bar is 32mm cold drawn steel - same as cage) so that the race harnesses can be attached to it.

The cage is a RB022 16 point bolt-in model with front triangulation. I've added 2 additional mounting points on the base of the windscreen A pillars to make it 18 point.

To conform to the MSA's rules, the cage must be bolted onto plates welded to the shell which are of an area 120cm square, and at least the thickness of the cage feet

Details as below:

Safety Devices 16 point bolt-in cage
32mm cold drawn steel
Upgraded to 18 point bolt-in
Front triangulation to suspension monts
Includes door bars for side protection
Head area protected by padding
Painted in smooth white