Quaife Gearbox Photos

Vauxhall Nova chassis leg F13 cluster being removed Shot of F13 casing and modified chassis leg
Modified chassis leg allows cluster to be removed
Cluster can be withdrawn easily, even at trackside
Image shows cluster removed and cut chassis leg
Chassis leg now seam welded Welds nicely painted in hammerite blue SBD ultra light flywheel and pot-type clutch
The cut chassis leg is neatly re-welded to seal and stengthen
Here you can see the painted leg and that the gearbox has been removed
This is the ulta light flywheel from SBD and the pot-type clutch cover
F13 casing with removable clutch plate ZF 40% plate diff with 3.94 crown wheel ZF 40% plate diff with Quaife 4.53 crown wheel
The F13 showing the removable panel for dropping the clutch out
The ZF diff with the standard crown wheel before the Quaife installed
The straight cut Quaife crown wheel and speedo drive gear
F13 casing with modified selector arm Helix aluminium flywheel, paddle cutch and group N cover The is a standard F13 5 pseed cluster
The F13 casing with a modified selector arm (ex-rubber bush)
The Helix aluminium fly, with 4 paddle clutch and group N cover
Shows the standard F13 5 speed cluster removed from casing
Quaife's F13 SCCR kit End casing showing the 5th gear Trial build of the Quaife straight cut gears
This is all the bits you get in a Quaife F13 SCCR kit
Standard F13 5th gear and selector forks
Trial build of the Quaife straight cut gears on main shaft and input shaft
Building the cluster up and the tools required Finally the cluster built with the Quaife gears The F13 casing needs amended to allow the 4.53 pinion to fit
Building up the Quaife cluster and the tools needed
The cluster is built with the new straight cut Quaife gears
Finally, grind the F13 casing to allow the 4.53 pinion to fit


Gearbox Specification

The gearbox is constructed from a Vauxhall F13 casing, with the removable plate to allow the clutch cover and clutch plate to be removed whilst the gearbox is still in place. In addition, it is possible to remove the complete gear cluster for inspection / repair and also remove the diff without removing the gearbox.

The cluster is built from Quaife straight cut close ratio gears and input shaft and connected using the synchromesh from a standard F13 main shaft.

Details as below:

1st gear (2.54)
2nd gear (1.76)
3rd gear (1.42)
4th gear (1.19)
5th gear (1.04)
Final drive (4.533)

Helix Aluminium flywheel (3.6 kg)
Helix 200mm 4 paddle sprung plate
Helix 200mm Group N cover

ZF 40% plate type diff

Mobil 1 SHC 75W 90 oil