C16XE Engine Photos

X16XE block with SBD TP164 kit Damaged X16XE block C16XE block as it arrived
This engine started off as a X16XE block and ran the SBD TP164 kit
X16XE block with damaged no.3 cylinder- new engine required
How my C16XE block arrrived - a bit messy but it had done 120k
Starting the process of cleaning the block Block painted 2 pack cosmos blue Head cleaned and inlet manifold
Cleaning up the C16XE block using angle grinder with cup brush
With the block cleaned, it was on with the etch primer and then 2 pack blue
Starting to add on components and the head has been cleaned up
Standard C16XE head before modification Timing in the cams on TP185 kit Using dial gauges to get timing exact
Standard C16XE head before any modifications
Timing in the TP185 kit using dial gauges At TDC the cams are Inlet to 2.72mm and Exhaust 2.55mm
Make some longer probes using coathangers Fitting ultalight Alternator SBD inlet manifold with Bosch cream injectors
Make sure the probes don't foul the lobes and sit on the lifters Fitting an ultralight alternator from SBD 2.5KG. Original weighs 5.9KG, saving over 3KGs SBD (Jenvey) inlet manifold with Bosch 744 injectors
Custom built throttle linkage Throttle linkage and brake servo pipes Engine built up with inlet manifold fitted
Custom build throttle linkage, this was a standard Jenvey one, which I then modified to be lighter and clear the alternator Throttle linkage fitted to inlet manifold and custom build pipe work for the brake servo C16XE engine build up with SBD TP185 kit fitted


Engine Specification

The engine started off as a X16XE from a 1996 Tigra 1.6 16v ecotec. I left the bottom end alone except for replacing the big end bolts with ARP ones. The head was ported and flowed by myself and the TP164 throttle body kit from SBD was added. It should have took it from 109bhp to 164bhp.

After two engine blow ups (1st one was driver error, 2nd one because a valve snapped) it rendered the engine useless. The block can be salvaged and will be bored out to either 1650cc or 1704cc later. I have since sourced a C16XE from a 1993 Corsa Gsi, which will be stripped and completely built up using SBD's TP185 kit (185bhp).

Engine details as below:

Type (C16XE)
No, of Cylinders (4)
Bore (80.0mm)
Stroke (81.5mm)
Displacement (1639cc)
Compression (12.2:1)

SBD TP185 throttle body kit
Bosch cream injectors (Model 744's)
FSE power boost regulater (50psi)
Air Flow (5.5kgp/h @ 1250rpm)
Lightened INA cam followers
SBD Alloy Cam pulleys
Kent valve springs
SBD Intet Cam 285 deg duration
SBD Exhaust Cam 278 deg duration
SBD steel valve caps

Vauxhall part synthetic 10W 40 oil
Petrol (super unleaded 99 octane)