Vauxhall Corsa SBD Spec 1600 (1639cc) Rally/Race Engine - SOLD

I am selling my class winning Corsa engine, the details are below, please contact me for further information:

Producing 191bhp (and 131.2lbft) on a Dastek Dyno – this is a winning engine!!

  • Bore 80.00mm
  • Stroke 81.5mm
  • Compression 12:1
  • Ported head (Inlet & exhaust)
  • SBD Exhaust camshaft 278 degrees, 11.0mm lift (CM16V1.6-H278)
  • SBD Inlet camshaft 284 degrees, 11.4mm lift (CM16V1.6-H284)
  • SBD Steel valve caps (LC-4K-S)
  • SBD INA lightweight cam followers (CMFL-1)
  • SBD Kent single valve springs (VLS-06K)
  • SBD Kent lightweight vernier pulleys (CMVP-5)
  • Cometic laminated high performance head gasket (GSK16-1.3MM-82)
  • Lightened and skimmed block
  • SBD Omega forged 80.0mm pistons (PIST-OM80.00XS) with Omega rings
  • SBD Engineering 129mm steel crank rods (ROD-129S)
  • ARP Heavy duty rod bolts
  • ACL Heavy duty main and big-end bearings
  • SDB Heavy duty main cap bolts
  • SBD Upgraded big and small steel timing belt idlers
  • Polished and balanced crank
  • Oil pump with modified relief valve
  • Supplied with a set of Bosch cream injectors (744’s)

This engine powered my car to 7 class records in the A2 class (1401cc – 1800cc) and helped me remain unbeaten for 2 years. This is an excellent, powerful and very revvy engine which has never let me down. Money was no object to keep it in top condition.

The parts on this engine cost £3,450 alone, so it is a bargain for the lucky buyer. Eurorallye normally sell a lesser spec engine (with carbs) for £5,500.

All it needs is a set of throttle bodies and coil and it’s ready to go, and can be supplied with the engine map for a MBE 967 ECU.


Please email me about the Corsa (SDB spec) Engine for sale or contact me through the Contact Reid Racing page and we can arrange delivery.

You can pay for the Vauxhall Corsa Race Engine using PayPal*, cash or by cheque (items sent once cheque has cleared). Delivery / postage will be extra and I will get a cost based on weight and delivery location.

Vauxhall Corsa parts for sale via Paypal account*Please add 3.4% to the total cost to cover PayPal charges to me